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Who is Adawnage? Why "Adawnage"?

For this post, let's put 2nd things first, shall we? Why "Adawnage"? Simple answer. It's 3 words in one: A Dawn Age. That's it really.

Now to Who is Adawnage? Adawnage is a band who's inception was on May 28th, 2008. You could say that was when the dawning begun! Safe to say now that the dawning is well and truly upon us. Adawnage began their musical journey, imparting the youth and the society as a whole, by singing at churches and schools within their locality i.e. Nairobi. The band also got into the business of entertaining audiences at corporate events, private functions and weddings. Their core business still remains ministering to the community through music hence their Mission Statement – TRANSFORMING LIVES THROUGH GOD-INSPIRED MUSIC AND LIFESTYLE.

Adawnage has 10 members as the front people, but is a huge team with supporters and people who have volunteered their services to help the band in spreading the Gospel through music.

Adawnage's music can be classified as Contemporary Gospel with an inclination to various sounds - Soft Rock, RnB Ballads, Reggae, Benga, Lingala, Afro-something & more! This is very evident in their debut album - “Safari – The Journey” - that was launched/released late 2010.

It is this album that has, to this date, placed Adawnage as a household name in Kenya with hits such as Uwezo & Naomba. The album earned them a nomination for “Group of the year” in 2011's edition of Groove Awards and eventual winners of the same category in the 2012 edition of Groove Awards.

Adawnage - Uwezo

3 years down the line, as evidence of just how good their music is, this album is still as new and as good as if it were released this year! But the band is not done! More videos from that critically acclaimed debut album are on the way.

Adawnage - Naomba

That aside, much of 2012, the band joined forces with another great band - Zidi The Band - and "His Spoken Word" artist - Number 8 - forming ZiAda and toured round Kenya.

And before you start thinking they are riding on just that one album, the band is already working on their sophomore album, which will no doubt be as good as if not better than the first.

Adawnage - Safari

One thing is for sure, Adawnage's musical safari is far from over and I'm sure the next project from them will prove that. They are definitely aware that they set a standard they have to live up to. So keep an ear out for them.

FACEBOOK PAGE: Adawnage Band
TWITTER: Adawnage
YOUTUBE: AdawnageBand

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