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Daddy Owen seems to be launching an album every year and this year it was “Utamu wa Maisha” that was launched at K.I.C.C. Plenary Hall and was aired live on NTV, a Kenyan TV station.

The set up for the launch at the hall was better than most normal shows that have been staged here in Kenya. The set up was complete with great lighting, sound, screens. And as is custom with most of up, the cost for such a set up is one thing we would like to find out but given the sponsors of the event – Safaricom, Coca-Cola, Cellulant & NTV who broadcast the launch live for a whole afternoon, I'm sure covering that cost wasn't too much of a hustle given the charges was only 100/- for adults & 50/- for children.

The guest artists that on hand to perform in support of Daddy Owen was just star-studded! The list read Juliani, M.O.G , Eko Dydda , Kris Eeh Baba, Simbo , Rufftone , Fidel, Ben Githae, Emmy Kosgei, BMF , Dunco , Jimmy Gait , Ngashville , Mr. Seed , Alemba who was the MC, Eric Omondi, Djs Mo and Sadic . Dance crews Saintz, Altarmin, Alabaster & Zionists were also there to support.

Before I forget to mention, there was also the presidential aspirant Raphael Tuju who IN MY OPINION (and in many others' opinion I believe) had no business being there much less using the platform to campaign! As in Really???!!

Enough of that!

The launch was indeed a BIG event, great set up, great artists who didn't quite hit it on their performances – I doubt there were any rehearsals but I could be wrong! Note to artists invited to perform on any show: Try your level best NOT to perform songs that include you in a collabo, especially if those you collabo with are not present. That said, Dear Artist, how can you not have a solo song? If being a solo act is outside your scope, form a group, we will not think less of you!

Now, relax ...

We are off to the point - the launch, as a whole.

The launch missed the bigger picture which is really not that hard to see. An album launch is about ... follow me here... LAUNCHING AN ALBUM!

There were so many side shows that it ended up being just another concert. You may be there saying, “But isn't it the norm to have artists perform at someone's album launch?” Well, maybe but then again, maybe not.

Allow me to use this analogy to explain my point. Imagine with me that you are invited to a wedding and instead of the said wedding taking place first, other couples talk of their love stories, how they met and even propose to each other and announce their engagement. Then towards the end of the day, the wedding happens. How would you take it?

Sure, there's nothing wrong with the other couples doing their thing but it's not what brought you there is it?

Same thing with an album launch. The performances by the other artists is well and good but that's not why people are there.

I was at Juliani's “Pulpit Kwa Street” album launch back in August and I can tell you there were NO side shows. Despite a number of downsides, the launch was really, truly and fully about launching Pulpit Kwa Street, the album. From when Juliani stepped on stage to end, it was all about songs in the album!

Check out our Kifalme Review of Juliani's Pulpit Kwa Street Album Launch here: PULPIT KWA STREET – THE LAUNCH REVIEW

As for “Utamu Wa Maisha,” you can be excused to think that was just a Daddy Owen & friends concert and not an album launch!

What would have made it be great? Well, I'm glad that you asked haha!

Well, the event should be have been all about Daddy Owen doing the songs in the album. The only time other artists were to show up on stage, would have been on songs they feature in, which I'm certain are quite a number on the album.

I acknowledge the fact that this is a lot to ask but with practice and rehearsals IT CAN BE DONE!

For many who attended the show, event (I'm hesitant to call it a launch), little case was presented to them to buy the album - that is at the very end of an event that lasted over 5 hours!. Well, I know it's Daddy Owen and people will buy it anyway but still...

Utamu Wa Maisha is Daddy Owen's 4th album and it features Dakika Tatu

Daddy Owen – Dakika Tatu

Despite the launch shortcomings, I have a feeling next year's Groove Awards has an award already being packaged for Daddy Owen

We will do a review of the album soon.

Check out the event pics by one of our favorite photographers,Mutua “Truthslinger” Matheka

Daddy Owen :: Utamu Wa Maisha Launch Photos

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