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David Kalilani, just known as David, is a Malawian whose diction both in speech and in his music is so clear that I dare say not many in Africa can match. There's a lot to say about him but I'll leave that for another time. For now, we focus on his compilation project titled "The Lost Tapes". This is a compilation and not an album as it comprises songs by David and others featuring David from different projects over the years. His debut album, Exodus, is due for release later in the year. Just as this is not an album, below is not a review but a break down of the compilation.

The Compilation Track listing:
  1. Shut us down
  2. Delilah feat. G.O.S.P.L.E & ABEL CHUNGU
  3. Miracle feat. Jay Josh
  4. Awesome God feat. Perfect Marvel
  5. Jesus feat. KBG & G.O.S.P.L.E.
  6. The Preview
  7. Exodus Part One feat. Taritta
  8. Lonely feat. Erasto
  9. Zero to Hero feat. Yung B & Chifuniro
  10. Fallen Soldiers feat. Incyt
  11. Nyambo feat. K.B.G.
  12. Marvel feat. Taritta
  13. Yesu Akubwera feat. Double Zee and KBG
  14. Rebirth feat. Perfect Marvel
  15. Goodbye Lala

1. Shut us down – This song was on a mixtape released by David's youth ministry, World Changers, at his home church, Kairos Christian Center. He wrote this song celebrating the day his sister - Mrs. Zohra Matundu - got saved during one of his live concerts in 2008. The instrumental is off a Sho Baraka song with Jimmy Needham on the chorus. Mixed by Q. Malewezi and recorded at his studio in Area 14

2. Delilah feat. G.O.S.P.L.E & ABEL CHUNGU – A song never released anywhere but recorded during G.O.S.P.L.E's "Spokesman Tour" in Malawi alongside Abel Chungu from Zambia. It deals with the reality of female temptation as an artist when you minister through music and how sometimes one can fall if caution is taken. Produced by Chifuniro Chiyamwaka and mixed by Q. Malewezi recorded at Q’s studio in area 14

3. Miracle feat. Jay Josh – This song, that was nnot featured in any project, was/is dedicated to his nephew Jaden Tumelo Phiri, born on the 1st of September, 2010. David says Jaden's birth helped him understand the revelation behind Luke 15 vs 7 of how heaven can rejoice over the new birth of a sinner. "Tumelo" means "God Sees and God hears."  Recorded at Bethlehem studio in area 12 by KBG and mixed by KBG.

4. Awesome God feat. Perfect Marvel – Another song not featured on any album, it was recorded out of a concept born when David & Perfect Marvel were reading the book of Job especially chapter 38 to 42: of God's greatness and His shocking questions. Produced by Perfect Marvel, Mixed by Perfect Marvel wanted to fuse worship and HipHop

5. Jesus feat. KBG & G.O.S.P.L.E. – Featured on G.O.S.P.L.E.’s album, "Time Such as This". The song focuses on worshiping and uplifting Jesus Christ, the second person of the Godhead. Recorded at Chipos in area 12, engineered by Lemekezani Phiri and Mixed by Q.Malewezi with additional vocals by Just Alice (G.O.S.P.L.E.’S wife) and Chrispin on the hook.

6. The Preview – Not featured on any project, it was supposed to be the intro to the upcoming album - Exodus The Preview - that was until he recorded "The Return". "The Preview" is now what sets the stage and lives up to it's title as the preview into the upcoming album.

7. Exodus Part One feat. Taritta - This is David's testimony and was featured on a compilation called "Spirit Filled Spit Kickaz Volume 1" that was released in 2007 - first Gospel Hip Hop compilation officially released in Malawi. After being born again, he changed his name from "Stix" to David and pulled out of the secular industry then went silent for a few years. This song was an attempt at explaining the silence. The song is done over Trip Lee's instrumental from the 13 letters album. In the song, David mentions his email address & phone number, something that has had him recieve emails and calls from all over the world from people who want to hear more about his testimony.

8. Lonely feat. Erasto – This song, not on any previous project, was written for one one of David's family friends, Nikki, who was going through a lot of physical and emotional pain. The song helped her come out of her depression and the impact of the song made David release it because many women could relate to it. Beat made by Dominant 1 song mixed by Dynamike

9. Zero to Hero feat. Yung B & Chifuniro -  This song was featured on the "Zero To Hero" compilation as a single when alongside KBG, Chifuniro and Double Zee, David went on tour around Malawi doing shows in Lilongwe and Mzuzu. Produced by Sal Josh the deejay. Mixed by KBG and recorded at Nyali Musik 

10. Fallen Soldiers feat. Incyt -  This is a personal favorite for many reasons. The delivery and arrangement made me feel like a fly on the wall actually watching the conversation unfold plus the fact that it touches on an issue as real as can be in the faith walk. Not on any previous project, David wrote the song for a friend, Zewele who was a fallen soldier in the faith.  He collaborated with Incyt, a secular artist who once used to be a strong believer, who played Zewele on the song. As with most of his songs, David shared the song with Zewele who was encouraged by it and the song went on to be an encouragement to many others. Recorded in Blantyre Malawi, by Dynamike and mixed by Dynamike.

11. Nyambo feat. K.B.G.  – This song was featured Manyanda’s album, “Nzeru Zakumwamba”.  It is a remix to the original Nyambo song which will be on Davids upcoming first album “Exodus the Preview”.  This song was produced by a secular producer known as Dominant One. Recorded and Mixed by Dominant One.

12. Marvel feat. Taritta – This song was featured on "Spirit Filled Spit Kickaz Volume 2" which was released in 2009. It's a response to a song that Perfect Marvel wrote to David when he was leaving his former secular rap group, "Real Elements" bidding farewell to David as he took a different path in life. It is a cry from the heart of David wanting his friend to live for Jesus and leave the secular rap industry and sure enough, Perfect Marvel turned his life to Christ and this before he heard the song but after David had written it. Recorded in Lilongwe engineered by Lemekezani Phiri and Mixed by Lemekezani Phiri

13. Yesu Akubwera feat. Double Zee and KBG – This song was featured as a single on the "Zero to Hero" Singles cd. Zero to Hero was a tour where David Kalilani, K.B.G.  Chifuniro and Double Zee went on tour in Malawi performing in Mzuzu and in Lilongwe. They had singles that they packaged on CD and this song was one of them.  A song that talks about the second coming of Jesus Christ and how people should repent and be ready otherwise they will be punished for their sin.  The irony is that it is sung over a danceable beat but it speaks of serious judgement. Recorded and Mixed by Dominant One in Lilongwe at illectric Studios.

14. Rebirth feat. Perfect Marvel – This song was featured on Spirit Filled Spit Kickaz Vol. 2.  It is the first song that David and Perfect Marvel recorded after he left his former secular rap group, Real Elements".  The beat was made by one of Malawi’s best Dynamike, Recorded in Washington D.C. and final mix by Perfect Marvel.

15. Goodbye Lala – This song was recorded over an Eminem instrumental. Most David's songs are inspired by real life events and he actually has a ministry where he writes songs for people: to encourage and minister to them.  The songs are usualy meant for their ears only but sometimes the song gets out and shared and then many other people end up getting ministered to by them as well.  In this song, David recorded a song to cheer up a friend who was feeling low. As David explains in the song, it was born out of a freestyle session while David and his friend, Gino were driving Laura after which David decided to record the song and gift it to Laura as she was travelling back to Holland and away from Malawi for good.

David's eloquence on the mic is undeniable! He sounds so at home on the mic not like many other artist who you can easily feel the strain. A trait I attribute to his exposure in the industry all over the world plus the influences he's had over the years. His content, that he delivers with great lyricism, is appropriate and judging by the response to the songs he dedicated to specific people, they have a wide appeal and reach. It's almost unbelievable that he has never had an album as yet but I guess the best things, like good wine, take time. The production is inconsistent which is expected this being a compilation of songs from different projects which means mastering is done by different people and inevitably different results. That being the case, the project gets a free pass that can't be accorded were it an album. "The Lost Tapes", is despite being a compilation album, is a very good project and highly recommended for all! A great preview of what to expect in David's upcoming debut album "Exodus The Preview". Get it now! It's FREE!!

Download Link: David Kalilani - The Lost Tapes


Now that you have a clue, sample his latest tracks (check his Reverbnation and SoundCloud pages) and you will definitely catch a glimpse of what's coming in his debut album.

FACEBOOK: David Kalilani
TWITTER: Everviday
REVERBNATION: davidkalilani
SOUNDCLOUD: David-kalilani82

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